Due to COVID-19 we will be cancelling our in water SwimSafe Programs and offering free online alternatives.

Sign up for our free “SwimSafe At home” online classes below!

This summer, we will offer three “SwimSafe at Home” online interactive sessions. The first session kicks off on May 26, and runs through June 11.  Each session includes six 30-minute classes streamed live on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for three weeks.  Participants must register in advance. Once registered, you will also have access to on demand viewing. After the completion of each session, participants will receive a free life jacket, and water safety resource bag for local pick up, and will have the opportunity for free swimming lessons in the Fall.

you can sign up using the links below (new links will be added regularly, so be sure to check back!), and dates for the next 2 sessions are coming soon!

Session 1: May 26-June 11

In Class 1,  Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Lead Trainer Julie Jackson facilitated an interactive session on the importance of Personal Flotation Devices and why cutie oranges need their rind to float!

*Registration is closed for Session 1 Class 1. Registration for our next Swim Safe at Home Session will be posted soon!*


In Class 2, join lead trainer Julie Jackson for an interactive session on understanding water depth! Including fun facts about giraffes, you won’t want to miss this lesson!


In Class 3, FWDPC lead trainer Julie Jackson is so excited to walk through the importance of supervision around water, and how each kiddo can do their part to help keep everyone safe!